Stan Brakhage
Films 1952-2003
Catalogue raisonné edited by Emilie Vergé

Contributions by P. Adams Sitney


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Stan Brakhage, American artist born in 1933, accomplished from 1952 to the year of his death in 2003, more than 300 films, all on film. Founder of a visionary cinema which finds its plastic and critical powers in the material itself of the film, Stan Brakhage is like a spiritual father for a whole generation of artists today.

Cinema / Photography, Contemporary Art
His work, fecund and multiple, which feeds as well on his private and family universe as on nature and political events in his time, finds a fecund humus in abstraction for its visual researches. Great technician of the film tool, Brakhage invents an unique film form, whose importance in the history of cinema sometimes made him compared with Pollock for painting. Brakhage enlarged the field of the film figurativity as no other artist made it. He was a poet of his medium, an artist attentive to the plastic potentialities given by his tool first. Author of numerous theoretical texts, he also wrote in-depth texts on the technology of the film, the splice, 8mm format, the different qualities of the film strip, the techniques of printing, in brief poetics of film-making. Ten years after his death, it appears necessary today to have an exhaustive inventory of his films to measure the largeness of his work, but also be able to locate – in the epoch of virtual information – the physical copies of its films.

A biography and a selected bibliography are enclosing this book of reference, illustrated with rare filmstills provided by Fred Camper.

440 pages
Hardback, 17x24 cm
Paris Expérimental, 1st edition 2016
ISBN 9782912539496