Seven Logics of Sculpture
Encountering Objects Through the Senses
Ernst van Alphen


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The current discourse on sculpture seems to be stuck in historical, material, or thematic frameworks. This book explores seven “logics” of sculpture, not as a historical overview, but with a contemporary analytical approach drawing from literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, architecture, and everyday culture. These logics help us to understand specific manifestations of sculpture and the active perception by the viewer, and relate to aspects such as the senses, the skin, the body, objecthood, narrative dynamics, the shaping of space, fragmentation, and montage. Featuring work by Henry Moore, Donald Judd, Lygia Clark, Bruce Nauman, Rachel Whiteread, Eva Hesse, and many more.

Contemporary Art, Theory / History / Criticism
256 pages
Paperback, 17x23 cm
Valiz, 1st edition 2023
ISBN 9789493246157