Jonas Mekas
Films, videos, installations 1962-2012
Catalogue raisonné edited by Pip Chodorov

Contributions by Emeric de Lastens, Benjamin Léon


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Born in Lithuania in 1922, Jonas Mekas has made over 90 films, videos and installations since his arrival in New York in 1949. Each piece inventorial is accompanied by a technical text, a list of public collections and distributors, and one or several short notices summarizing the content of the work.

Cinema / Photography, Contemporary Art
Presented in chronological order, Jonas Mekas' oeuvre can be understood in its entirety. The editor as well as author of the foreword is Pip Chodorov, one of the best connoisseurs of Jonas Mekas' work. An accompanying text by Emeric de Lastens and Benjamin Léon reposition the artist's work in its historical context and its stylistic evolution. This book is also an invitation to travel through Jonas Mekas' life work, thanks to many rich and evocative illustrations.
380 pages
Hardback, 17x24 cm
Paris Expérimental, 1st edition 2002
ISBN 9782912539441