Film Culture
Index 1955-1996
Edited by Adeline Coffinier and Victor Gresard

Contributions by Jonas Mekas, J. Hoberman, Andrew Sarris, P. Adams Sitney


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Film Culture magazine, founded in 1955 by Jonas and Adolfas Mekas is an essential resource and document, measuring the pulse of the American avant-garde film from January 1955 to Winter 1996.

Cinema / Photography, Contemporary Art
The publication contains several indexes: an index of authors, a subject index, an index of film titles and an index of illustrations, as well as a complete table of contents. The research tool proposed here is preceded by two rare documents. The first is the transcription of a discussion at Columbia University in 2001 between Jonas Mekas, J. Hoberman, Andrew Sarris and P. Adams Sitney. The second is a reprint of the Editorial from # 14, November 1957, in which Jonas Mekas, editor of the journal, calls for the renewal of an experimental cinema in America.
192 pages, 9 illustrations
Hardback, 15x22 cm
Paris Expérimental, 1st edition 2012
ISBN 9782912539458