Probably, the book is one of the most sophisticated devices ever created and, at the same time, a familiar object, a tool of everyday use, and whose format makes it readily available to a wider audience.

A bookstore is –– besides the first step to the paradise imagined by Borges ––, a cultural and political project whose main support is the criteria of whoever leads it. A mixture of subjectivity and knowledge that points to what remains.

As in the case of a personal library, the backlist of a bookstore must arise from juxtaposition, not accumulation. Perhaps this is the place where the work of the curator and the bookseller meet.

We talk about taking care. We talk about choose, collect and offer a selection of books in a world where distribution standards don’t let an in-between place for the exception. We work keeping in mind the constraints of a physical (local) bookstore –– with a limited space and number of titles –– and our goal is to offer an alternative proposal for both restless and demanding people and for small inspiring labels.

We invite you to take a look, to browse and enjoy!