Metrònom #2

Coordinated by Cristina Moreno, Anna Torrents

Contributions by Francesc Abad, Carles Hac i Mor, Josep M. Joan i Rosa, Pere Noguera, Steva Terrades, Vicenc Altaió, Teresa Blanch, Angel Bados, Eugeni Bonet, C.V.A., Itziar Elejalde, Pello Irazu, Juan Muñoz, Onliyu, J. De Oteiza, Eduardo Polonio, Benet Rossel, Annemieke van de Pas.


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In addition to the reflections of Oteiza and Juan Muñoz on the fabrication of the myth and on the sculptural metaphor, respectively, this second issue of Metrònom includes extensive essays on the work of Robert Filliou and the pho- tographer Helmut Newton, both by Annemieke van de Pas; and a retrospective vision by Eugeni Bonet on the work of José Antonio Sistiaga and Iván Zulueta.

Contemporary Art, Magazine
39 pages
Paperback, 29x41 cm
English, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 1985
ISBN 9788434314344