Metrònom 2nd #2

Edited by Antoni Serra

Contributions by J.V. Aliaga, David Balcellls, Feipe Borrallo, Koen van Brabant, Jochen Coldewey, Sílvia Duran, Miguel Gallardo, Chantal Grande, Carles Hac i Mor, Juanito Mediavilla, Héctor Milla, Morquillas, Pere Noguera, Glòria Picazo, Ma. Elena Roqué, Dora Salazar, Carlos Santos, Antoni Serra, Trajecte, Rodrigo Venavides, Vicenç Viaplana, Juanito Wadhwani, Richard Wentwoth, Cristina Zelich.


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The central pages are dedicated to referential projects by two artists closely linked to Metrònom: Pere Noguera and Richard Wentworth, and to Estampes apòcrifes, the first of multiple incursions into auteur photography. Likewise, there is a tour through experimental Japanese and German film-video.

Contemporary Art, Magazine
58 pages
Paperback, 29x41 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1988
ISBN 9788434314436