Metrònom 2nd #1

Edited by Antoni Serra

Contributions by Núria Andreu, Pere Anguera, Xano Armenter, Didier Arnaudet, Francesc Arumí, Tomás Bel, Brigitte Bouillot, JJ.M. Calleja, Genís Cano, Enric Cassases, Jacques Damase, Quim Davi, Silvie & Cherif Defraoui, Carles Fargas, Lucas Fraile, Carles Ferrer, Carles Hac i Mor, Rafael Joan, Joseph Kosuth, David Mach, Santi Moix, Jean-Pierre Moran, Gloria Moure, Ruben Paules, Jordi Pedrosa, Josep Maria Perlasia, Petit Comité, P.N.A., Arnau Pons, Francis Proudhom, Valerià Pujol, Patrick Raynaud, RINOOS, Benet Rosell, Leopold Samsò, Mireia Sentís and reu Terrades, steva Terrades, J.PP. Thibeau, ramóon Tio Bellido, TREPAX, Rafaell Vallbona, Albert Vidal.


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In this second stage, Metrònom strengthened the complicity that it had always maintained with comics and literary creation and devoted extensive reports to Barcelona Graffiti (PNA-Rinos-Trepax), to the performative installation of Albert Vidal and to the poetry of Enric Cassases and Rafael Vallbona. The central part is dedicated to David Mach’s overwhelming site-specific project Adding Fuel to the Fire.

Contemporary Art, Magazine
66 pages
Paperback, 29x40.5 cm
Spanish, English, French, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 1987
ISBN 9788434314429