Rab-Rab Issue #6
Journal of Political and Formal Inquries in Art
Edited by Sezgin Boynik

Milena Solomun, Ben Watson and Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Doruntina Kastrati, Rastko Mocnik, Esther Leslie, Kaisa Lassinaro, Ghassan Halwani, Sezgin Boynik, Walter Benjamin


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From this issue, Rab-Rab Journal initiates a research project dedicated to studying laws of uneven and combined development in contemporary art.

Contemporary Art, Magazine
Rab-Rab: journal of political and formal inquiries in art is starting a new course. Beginning with this issue, we plan to use the journal as a platform to support, gather, discuss, and propagate the experiences of people who want to organize against capitalism, nationalism, chauvinism, and all other kinds of reactionary ideologies. There are testimonies, interviews, statements, theses and studies – as in all previous issues – but from now on, politics will outweigh form.

As a supplement to this issue, we are publishing the first English translation of Walter Benjamin’s text on Lenin, actually Benjamin’s review of Lenin’s letters to Maxim Gorky, originally from 1926. Translated by Esther Leslie, who also annotated the text,

130 pages
Paperback, 15.5x22.5 cm
Rab-Rab Press, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 23424885