"70/80" Una col·lecció d'art alternatiu

Foreword by Abel Figueres
Text by Pilar Parcerisas

Contributions by Francesc Abad, Eugénia Balcells, Jordi Benito, Jordi Cerdà, C.V.A., Leopoldo Emperador, Benet Ferrer, Alicia Fingerhut, Teresa Gancedo, Ferran Garcia-Sevilla, Eulàlia Grau, Josep Ma. Joan i Rosa, Àngel Jove, Antoni Llena, Antoni Miralda, Fina Miralles, Antoni Muntades, Pere Noguuera,, Jordi Pablo, Pilar Palomer, Carles Pazos,, Carles Pujol, Joan Rabascall, Benet Rosell, Francesc Torres, Francesc Volsi, Jaume Xifra


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Rafael Tous shows here the beginning of his approach to Catalan conceptual art and the bases of a collection project that we may describe as exemplary.

Catalogue, Contemporary Art
In her interesting and foreboding introductory essay “When art be- comes a document”, Pilar Parcerisas highlights the paradigm shift that brought about the generalization of the conceptual practice of art and its repercussions on new collecting: “Collecting the ephemera. Collecting ideas, concepts, attitudes or behaviors, experiences, point of action in time and their result [...] In short, collecting the spirit of a moment through their artistic concerns ”.
54 pages
Paperback, 29.5x21 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1984
ISBN 9788434314337