Metrònom a les ciutats
Barcelona - Dijon
Vicenç Altaió, Carles Hac Mor, Eduardo Mendoza, Eric Colliard, Xavier Douroux et al.

Design by Jordi Colomer, Josep Bagà
Contributions by Jordi Benito, Jordi Colomer, Lluís Nicolau, Pere Noguera, Carlos Pazos, Marie Bourget, Alice, Gloria Friedmann, Bertrand Lavier, Come Mosta-Heirt, Michel Verjux, Jacques Vieille


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In 1986, Metrònom began its international experience with an exhibition exchange with Le Consortium de Dijon. The initiative aims to give international visibility to Catalan conceptual art and showing, for the first time in Barcelona, the work of artists linked to the French city.

Catalogue, Contemporary Art
34 pages
Paperback, 41x29 cm
French, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 1986
ISBN 9788434314399