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About Jane Dickson and Maximilian Klawitter
Maximilian Klawitter


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‘At the window’, ‘out there on the street’, ‘here in the room’ are three perspectives from which two protagonists are portrayed on a stage in the format of one publication. Illuminated by the screen of its own projection, About Jane Dickson and Maximilian Klawitter, in 18 chapters, comprises image based as well as textual documentation of an encounter.

Contemporary Art, Essay / Literature
"In a house you wanted to intrude, searching for a narrative you've detected between a character, images and photographs. I remember bumping against a floor lamp, causing its glow to waver briefly. Trying to ascertain the transmissions while already standing in front of objects that demand to be looked at."
72 pages
Paperback, 12x18.5 cm
Bauer Verlag, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 9783946701187