Liminal places
Seven spatial stories to return home
Chiara Dorbolo


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The spaces we design are intuitively connected with stories. Stories we have lived, have heard from others, and have imagined ourselves. When we write these stories, we implicitly design spaces. Spatial stories are therefore stories that can simultaneously be told or written as much as they can be developed through architectural methods.

Essay / Literature
Touching upon themes ranging from feminist critique of the architectural profession, to the controversial relationship between city and nature, to the constraining power of domestic space, in Seven Spatial Stories to Return Home architect and writer Chiara Dorbolò explores the state of transition of liminal places as a universal metaphor for personal life, making explicit the different roles physical space plays in the human experience of the world.

Chiara Dorbolò is an architect and researcher working at the intersection between storytelling, criticism, and design. She studied at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Currently based in Madrid, she works as a writer, curator, designer, and educator. Since 2017, she is a contributing editor at Failed Architecture, for which she curated the special series A City of Our Own: Urban Feminism for the 99%, and, together with Daphne Bakker, the project Stories on Earth, presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021. In collaboration with Future Architecture Platform and DPR Barcelona, she recently curated the Architecture Bookfair 2021. She was among the recipients of the Talent Development Grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL in 2019.

160 pages
Paperback, 12.5x17.6 cm
Onomatopee, 1st edition 2022
ISBN 9789493148758