El concepte del fil en la dona-artista (The concept of thread in the woman-artist
Mirella Bentivoglio

Contributions by Francesca Cataldi, Maria Ferrero Gussago, Elisabetta Gut, Donna Henes, Maria Lai, Valeria Melandri, Gisella Meo, Aurèlia Muñoz, Renata Pruunas, Lisa Rehsteiner, Angels Ribe, Greta Schödl, Franca Sonnino, Elena Tondi, Clotilde Vitrotto.


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Mirella Bentivoglio brings together, around the concept of thread (the grid,the fabric), the contribution of fifteen artists from southern Europe who in the 1970s were demanding the visibility of female artistic practice. From very diverse disciplines, which include performance, film, assemblage, sculpture or drawing, the thread in its multiple configurations becomes the leit motive of a reflection that still lasts.

Contemporary Art, Performing Arts
36 pages
Paperback, 21x29.5 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1982
ISBN 9788434314313