The Invention of a Sea
Victoria Jolly, Javier Correa


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Amereida is one of the most interesting phenomena of the artistic vanguards of Latin America. The journey started in Tierra del Fuego in 1965 by Latin American and European artists, poets, architects and intellectuals, became an artistic event of the first magnitude, performing poetic acts, plastic interventions and other actions, to open the possibility of a properly American inhabit.

Contemporary Art, Performing Arts
The construction of Ciudad Abierta –– located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Valparaíso, Chile –– and the exploration of new ways of living are now in the hands of the descendants of that heroic generation.
The book brings together photographs, drawings, texts and dialogues and is the first effort to publish a visual testimony of the journey. The recovery, in 2015, of the photographic archive of the philosopher François Fédier, allows us to access an unprecedented treasure on one of the foundational experiences of the recent history of Latin American art.

Victoria Jolly, chilean, is a chilean architect, co-founder and resident member of Ciudad Abierta since 2007. President of Corporación Cultural Amereida 2020-2022.
Javier Correa is a director, screenwriter and producer. He is a member of Ciudad Abierta de Amereida, where he works on architectural and curatorial projects.

224 pages, 120 illustrations
Hardback, 18.5x26 cm
Spanish, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9788434313750