Ana Mendieta

Edited by Gloria Moure

Essays by Donald Kuspit, Gloria Moure, Raquelin Mendieta, Charles Merewether and Mary Sabbatino


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This monograph on the Cuban-born artist Ana Mendieta provides the most comprehensive overview of her career available in English. From her early performances to her Land Art works, sculptures, and drawings, examples from all phases of her career -from the late 1960s to her death in 1985- are considered here in extensive color plates, several in-depth essays, and writings by the artist.

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Mestization is one of the primordial characteristics of Hispanic culture, and thanks to this quality, ancient cultures like our own acquire a continually renewed vigor. The sadly departed Ana Mendieta was a special case of cultural mestization. She knew how to blend the most advanced aspects of Anglo-Saxon art of the Seventies and Eighties with her profound Afro-Cuban roots, achieving an extraordinary symbiosis of her innermost feelings and the inadequacies of western culture. Her works clamor for ancient and forgotten links between beings and things, that modern knowledge is bent on destroying. Her creative urges and particular manner of formalizing them continue to prevail today.
274 pages
Paperback, 25.5x21 cm
Polígrafa, 1st edition 1996
ISBN 9788434308213