What is Critical Spatial Practice?

Edited by Markus Miessen, Nikolaus Hirschau

Contributions by David Adjaye, Tom Fox & Jan Nauta, Operative Agency, Salahuddin Ahmed, Kader Attia, Nairy Baghramian and rew Benjamin, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Ben Van Berkel, Neeraj Bhatia, Federica Bueti, Tony Chakar, Boris Charm, among many others
Featuring artwork by Armin Linke


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This book is first in a series on critical spatial practice developed alongside the Städelschule program of the same name. Each edition includes work by invited artists—the first includes newly commissioned work by the photographer Armin Linke, who documented the Occupy camp around the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Landscape / Urbanism, Theory / History / Criticism
In September 2011, Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen invited protagonists from the fields of architecture, art, philosophy, and literature to reflect on the single question of what, today, can be understood as a critical modality of spatial practice. Most of the sixty-four contribu¬tions presented in this volume were composed concurrently with the evictions of many of the Occupy movements, sustained turmoil in countries of the Arab Spring, and continued spasms in the global financial system, which, interestingly, all pointed at the question and problematic of whether architecture and our physical environment can still be understood as a res publica. A response by the editors takes the form of a conversation.

Markus Miessen is a German architect and writer. Miessen received his bachelor's degree from the Glasgow School of Art, continuing his studies at the Architectural Association in London and at the London Consortium.
Nikolaus Hirsch is an architect, curator, editor, and educator. He is the director of CIVA in Brussels and was the Dean of Städelschule and Director of Portikus in Frankfurt.


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240 pages, 8 illustrations
Paperback, 12x16.5 cm
Sternberg Press, 1st edition 2012
ISBN 9783943365276