Atlas of Remoteness. Liechtenstein
Walking The Line
Edited by Luis Hilti, Matilde Igual Capdevila, Ümit Mesci

Ahmed Elsoudy, Alexander Sokolov, Bianca Böckle, Eddie Sardeng, Enrique Hernández González, Hanna Hajda, Holger Dörner, Jin Yiran, Kateryna Dyma, Martin Mràz, Megan Quirey, Michelle Rheinberger, Nina Beck, Nina Meusburger, Philipp Entner, Rüya Hilal Aydede, Sami Akkach, Sofia Liberali, Tatjana Probst and Ümit Mesci


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THE LINE – Atlas of Remoteness documents the exploration of contemporary landscapes by walking along a straight line around the Earth. This volume focuses on a segment that goes from the River Rhine to the High Alps extending through the territory of Liechtenstein. THE LINE is a project by the Institute for Linear Research, an independent research platform.

Contemporary Art, Theory / History / Criticism
Interviews with: Günther Vogt, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Alkistis Thomidou, Mario Broggi, Ulrike Mayr, Peter Staub and Walter Walch.
424 pages
Paperback, 13.3x20.9 cm
Infinite Publications Series, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 9783952529201