Taking the Country's Side
Agriculture and Architecture
Sébastien Marot


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Are metropolises really the “manifest destiny” of humankind? Is the environmental predicament calling for more concentration and incorporation? Or is it conducive to some kind of urban exodus? By and large, what might be the principles and ethics of design in such a condition? These are some of the issues that this book addresses.

Architecture, Last copies / Rare Books, Theory / History / Criticism
Taking the Country’s Side is an exhibition curated by Sébastien Marot, commissioned by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale for its 5th edition in 2019 and in co-production with CCB – Garagem Sul, in Lisbon. The exhibition is adapted by Archizoom for its presentation at EPFL, Lausanne. Consisting of 42 panels, a large chronological frieze, a compass of 4 scenarios and a series of videos, the exhibition content comes from two courses given by the philosopher Sébastien Marot at ENSAVT Paris-Est and EPFL on environmental history and the relationship between agriculture and architecture. This is the second volumen of a five book series for the fith edition of Lisbon Architecture Triennale. A unique and limited collection edited by the curatorial team of The Poetics of Reason: a sparkling intellectual reflection from a three-year investigation on architectural rationality. The collection explores the various subjective and non-scientific dimensions of architecture with contributions from architects, philosophers, artists
and acclaimed authors.

Sébastien Marot is a philosopher, professor of environmental history at the Ecole d’architecture de la ville et des territoires, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design and at the Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

212 pages
Paperback, 14x21.5 cm
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9788434313897