Economy of Means
How Architecture Works
Éric Lapierre


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Form is the horizon of any human activity. Architecture is a discipline aiming at defining the form of buildings. Economy of Means : How Architecture Works aims at defining the good architectural form. Economy of means is its D.N.A. Beyond this, by questioning the economy of means both as an aesthetic category and as a conceptual tool, the book proposes to renew architecture to face global warming and scarcity of resources from within the architecture discipline.

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This is the first volumen of a five book series for the fith edition of Lisbon Architecture Triennale. A unique and limited collection edited by the curatorial team of The Poetics of Reason: a sparkling intellectual reflection from a three-year investigation on architectural rationality. With stunning visual references, the five books explore the various subjective and non-scientific dimensions of architecture with contributions from architects, philosophers, artists
and acclaimed authors.

Éric Lapierre is an architect, teacher, theoretician, writer, and curator.

136 pages
Paperback, 14x21.5 cm
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9788434313880