Stones Against Diamonds
Architecture Words 12
Lina Bo Bardi


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This collection of essays is the first-ever English anthology of Lina Bo Bardi’s writings. It includes texts written when she was still living in Italy as well as later contributions to a number of Brazilian newspapers, journals and magazines.

Essay / Literature, Modern Architecture
An acute critic and a creative thinker, Bo Bardi proposes a series of new parameters for design thinking and practice, such as the notions of ‘historical present’, ‘roughness’ and ‘tolerance to imperfection’. Presented collectively, her texts present a wealth of inspirational thoughts articulated in a refreshingly simple, straightforward fashion.

Lina Bo Bardi was an Italian-born Brazilian modernist architect. A prolific architect and designer, she devoted her working life, most of it spent in Brazil, to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design.

132 pages
Paperback, 11x18 cm
AA Publications, 1st edition 2018
ISBN 9781907896200