Modernity Unbound
Architecture Words 7
Detlef Mertins


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These essays elaborate on such key modernist tropes as transparency, glass architecture, organicism, life and event, sameness and difference. Previously published in a variety of different venues, from journals to anthologies – including such noted books as Lars Spuybroek’s NOX: Machining Architecture and FOA’s Phylogenesis – they are now assembled for the first time in this volume.

Essay / Literature, Modern Architecture

Detlef Mertins was an American architectural theorist who made lasting contributions to the theory and history of modernism in architecture, art, philosophy, and urbanism. He taught widely, including professorships at the universities of Pennsylvania, Toronto, Columbia, Harvard and Princeton.

200 pages
Paperback, 11x18 cm
AA Publications, 1st edition 2011
ISBN 9781902902890