Pere Noguera

Edited by Vicenç Altaió and Antoni Serra

Contributions by Juan Vicente Aliaga, Vicenç Altaió, Lena Balaguer, Hubert Besacier, Sybille de Boccard, Glòria Bosch, Jean de Breyne, Teresa Camps, Josep Canals, Juli Capella, José Carlos Castaño, Manel Clot, Jaume Figa, Annie Gentils, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Elio Grazioli, Manel Guerrero, Carles Hac i Mor, Christiane Hugel, Quim Larrea, jordi Pablo, Pilar Parcerisas, Jordi Pedrosa, Luís Francisco Pérez, Ma Rosa Pibernat, Glòria Picazoo, Antonio Pizza, Brigitte Rambaud, Antoni Serra


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This monograph collects the most important works made by Noguera in the 70s and 80s, as well as the most successful contributions of art critics who have followed his consistent career.

Contemporary Art, Monograph
In the trail of Alberto Burri and in parallel to artists with practices close to arte povera, Noguera began his career in the 1970s popularizing what we know as the"muddy", which consists of covering objects and surfaces with liquid-clay. In that same decade, he was a pioneer by incorporating photocopies into his work and by disseminating the idea of the archive as a ready-made from found photographs and films. He has carried out work on the conceptual processes of photography and electrography while practicing the installation and the performance art.
131 pages
Paperback, 29x41 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1988
ISBN 9788434314412