Carlos Bunga.The Architecture of Life
Environments, Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings and Films
Iwona Blazwick

Essays by Iwona Blazwick, Carlos Bunga, Nuno Faria, Inês Grosso and Antony Hudek.


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Carlos Bunga’s sculptural and painterly structures propose architecture as body and mindscape. Using only cardboard and paint, Bunga fantastical buildings, furniture-like sculptures and paintings as immersive environments. His works combine a powerful materiality with the evocation of psychic states. This book surveys his actions and performances; and documents over a decade of installations including major new works created for his survey exhibition at MAAT and Carmona e Costa Foundation in Lisbon.

Contemporary Art, Monograph
Enacting cycles of construction and destruction, Bunga explores states of dispossession and nomadism; the nature of spatial experience; and the creative and symbolic potential of ruin.
"I am interested in the temporal, emotional and intuitive aspects of space; and whether the imposing character of architecture may exist as experimentation… I try to maintain a physical and mental relationship with space as it is wrapped in its history… The contradictory nature of permanence and impermanence is a relation that exists in the work and is part of its structure." (Carlos Bunga)

Iwona Blazwick is an art critic, lecturer and experienced editor of art books, has been director of the Whitechapel Gallery in London since 2001.

176 pages, 143 illustrations
Hardback, 17x24 cm
Portuguese, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9788434313798