On The Run
Perspectives On The Cinema Of Med Hondo
Edited by M-H. Gutberlet and B. Kuster


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A pioneer of African cinema and author of an uncompromising, strong and diverse oeuvre, we have come to know and appreciate Med Hondo over the decades as one who simultaneously gazes, belligerently and attentively, sharply, passionately and ironically, deep into the past, precisely at the present, but also far into the future.

Cinema / Photography, Theory / History / Criticism
'On the Run, Perspectives on the Cinema of Med Hondo' features contributions that pay tribute to Med Hondo's films. This publication examines Hondo's work, which is often focused on the production of history and its practice from an African perspective, taking into account the temporality of the narratives in his work.
156 pages
Paperback, 14x22 cm
Archive Books, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9783948212087