Trading Zones
Camera Work in Artistic and Ethnographic Research
Edited by B. Preisig, L. von Niederhäesern and J. Krusche


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This book introduces camera-based practices at the intersections of artistic and ethnographic research that critically examine the means of their own production and social embeddedness. In shared practices such as recording in the field, editing in post-production and modes of presentation, the camera is involved as an agent rather than an innocent device. How does the camera grapple with the invisible and how does it reveal what the camerawoman is unable to see? How do films, videos and photographs provide access to vulnerable knowledges and what presentation formats can extend the linearity of narration?

Cinema / Photography, Theory / History / Criticism
166 pages
Paperback, 17x24 cm
Archive Books, 1st edition 2022
ISBN 9783948212827