No School Manifesto
A Movement of Creative Education
Edited by Ilse Ouwens, Fabiola Camuti, Betje Stevens

Matthijs Andriessen, Martijn Aslander, Erik op ten Berg, Danae Bodewes, Heidie van den Brink, Fabiola Camuti, Matthijs van Cruijsen, Steven Dorrestijn, Berty Feijen, Jan Erik Fokke, Ron van Hal, Richard Hassink, Simone Heij, Danny Jeroense, Selma Jonkers, Jeanny Kaethoven, Cor de Koning, Kim van Laanen, Jeroen Lutters, Saskia van den Muijsenberg, Josine Neyman, Laura Nieuwenhuis, Ben Oligschlager, Ilse Ouwens, Olga Potters, Bart Schouten, Betje Stevens


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A proposal to radically change education through creativity that explores core values and key concepts to create future-proof attitudes and perspectives. No School Manifesto is a book that serves as a key reference and inspiration for people working in (creative) education, ranging from teachers and school leaders at informal, secondary and vocational education and academies to museum educators, artists, policy makers, and everyone who supports education and has an interest in developing new perspectives through creativity.

Art, Education, Theory / History / Criticism
In the current educational system these values are regularly overshadowed by rules, legislation, bureaucracy, a unitary approach, and little attention to the intrinsic inquisitiveness of both the student and the teacher. No School is a growing movement that together with the creative field wants to provide space for experiment, flexibility, cooperation, 'wild' thinking, looking ahead; experimenting off the beaten track with different forms of learning, in which creativity is the key concept. No School Manifesto opens up possibilities for thinking how to go about this, and to start experimenting. Key concepts, values and attitudes such as ‘Curiosity’,‘Magnetism’ and ‘Zigzag’ are explored through an A-Z Lexicon, and are complemented by illuminating examples of students’ work. An explanation of the urgency of No School, and an essay on the fundamental value of creativity provide introductory context to the book. The overarching Manifesto summarizes what the No School movement and the book stand for.
Designed by Marius Schwarz
228 pages
Paperback, 15x22 cm
Valiz, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9789492095855