Metrònom: Tramesa Postal
(Mail Art Exhibition)

Foreword by Glòria Picazo


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Catalogue of the exhibition held at Metrònom in fall 1980, with contributions by Carl Andre, JM Calleja, Ulises Carrión, Christo, León Ferrari, Antoni Miralda, Fina Miralles, Joan Rabascall, Andreu and Steva Terrades, Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Horacio Zabala, among others.

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“The motivations of the correspondence artists are many. They have notably included a desire to trascend the often rigid boundaries of the art world activity and a desire to open art world support systems to new talent. By developing strong new methods to expand those boundaries, and to bring some forms of support to artists whose work might otherwise go unseen, correspondence art has made itself an integral part of the art world” –Ken Friedman TRAMESA POSTAL…MAIL ART…CORRESPONDENCE ART…POSTAL ART…ENVELOPE SHOW…COMMUNICATIONS ART…ARTE CORREO…OBJETO POSTAL..These are some of the names given to Mail Art, an activity carried out by a large number of artists around the world, who exchange ideas, objects, documentation, etc. among themselves. A means of communication by artists and for artists, which has resulted in the artists themselves becoming the best theoreticians of their work, making known what Mail Art is and what it aims to achieve. This is achieved when they are summoned and, thus motivated, they create a wide communication mesh that, starting from many and very extended places, concentrates in the place where the summons originated. This attitude undoubtedly reflects the desire to break with the usual channels of development of traditional art, parallel to the desire to reveal the current crisis of these channels.
136 pages
Paperback, 21.5x30 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1980
ISBN 9788434314610