Metrònom: Relligat

Contributions by Fernando and Vicente Roscubas, Benet Rossell, Carme Sanglas, Sapigues i Entenguis Productions, Assumpta Solsona and Reu Terraes, Steva Terrades, F. Torres Monso, Usquam, Francesc Abad, Vicenç Altaió, Xoan Anleo, Jordi Benito, Xavier Canals, Jordi Cerda, Eugènia Ciuro, Jaime Cabanas, Alejandro Corominas, Pep Duran Esteva, Fermin Encinar, Gabriel, Abert Girós, Concha Jerez, Josep Ma. Joan i Rosa, Géerard Jonca, José Luis Mata, Pere Noguera, Perejaume, Alberte Permuy, Marcel Pey, Glòria Picazo, Joan Rabascall


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This publication was intended to appear sporadically, to share the information that artists and collaborators sent to Metrònom. Metrònom was in charge of its binding and shipment to critics, museums, galleries and interested persons.

Artist's Book, Last copies / Rare Books
108 pages
Paperback, 20.5x29 cm
Catalan, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1982
ISBN 9788434314634