Kasper Andreasen
Topographia Nova
Kasper Andreasen, Louis Lüthi


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In the classical sense, a frieze is a horizontal band on the surface of a building, often a weaving or a sculptural relief. This frieze for the recently redesigned café in the Bavarian State Library differs somewhat from the classical model in combining old and new printing techniques into a new materiality. The concept is based on a schematic, yet fictitious, map of Munich – creating a kind of horizontal network of interconnecting cartographic motifs.

Contemporary Art
The presentation of the frieze coincides with the completion of the newly renovated Stabi-Café designed by Kollektiv A. The scale and final appearance of the frieze can be enjoyed in their own right, while the complex drawing process and cartographic references to the library’s collection are revealed to the reader in the following pages, accompanied by a prose poem by Louis Lüthi. I compiled the material and the photographs in this publication, as well as the photographs of the installation, and designed it in collaboration with Toni Uroda. This publication not only presents the frieze to a wider public, but generates a work in its own right, providing rare insight into the project’s contextual references and stages of production. The sketches and designs reproduced in this publication have been donated to the Bavarian State Library.

Kasper Andreasen is a Danish Contemporary artist. His research focuses on investigating and materializing a practice which forms a relation between the methods of drawing and writing. His work encompasses drawing, printed matter, and video, with an emphasis on mapping, indexing, and archiving. Louis Lüthi is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer and writer.

80 pages
Paperback, 20x26.7 cm
German, English
Motto Books, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9782940672059