Jordi Benito
Les Portes de Linares (The doors of Linares)
Coordinated by Antoni Serra

Contributions by Manel Clot and Carles Hac Mor


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Since his first works, carried out in the early seventies, Jordi Benito’s work has progressively taken on more complexity, both with regard to the conception of each piece and with regard to strictly formal issues.

Contemporary Art, Monograph
Les portes de Linares stands out for the strength of its spatial conception, for the meticulous choice of materials, the metaphorical condition of the elements represented –stones, animals, pianos– and the unequivocal use of a permanently activated stage space.
66 pages
Paperback, 23.5x30 cm
Spanish, English, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 1989
ISBN 9788434314467