gta papers #2
War Zones
Edited by Samia Henni


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After the Second World War and at the onset of the Cold War, warfare took different forms. War zones often lost their clear demarcations. People, landscapes, and built environments came to be subjugated to the strains and constraints of new forms of war that served both civil and military purposes. The contributions to War Zones investigate some of these implicit or explicit conditions, legacies, and impacts.

Magazine, Theory / History / Criticism
From colonial or total war, asymmetric war or counterinsurgency, barricaded or besieged cities, refugee camps or borderlines, nuclear bunkers or ‘war ghosts’, to the state of emergency and drone warfare – these texts disclose the spatial aspects, statuses, and formation processes of past and current war zones.
134 pages
Paperback, 21x30 cm
gta Verlag, ISBN 9783856763909