gta papers #1
Architecture / Machine
Edited by M.Gleich, L.Stalder


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What is the nature of the interaction between architecture and machines as key objects in human design and how does this interplay work?

Architecture, Magazine
The contributors to the volume explore this multifaceted interchange in its broad thematic manifestations and historical depth, focusing above all on three aspects: machines that assist in the design and construction of buildings, those that perform their tasks inside the walls and structures of buildings, and – in particular – machines that act as models and images of architectural thought. What emerges is that the subject of machines within the architectural framework has been rooted, up until the present day, not simply in concrete technical questions, but rather to a far greater extent in general programs, processes, and performances, and thus in fundamental categories of built space.
180 pages
Paperback, 21x30 cm
gta Verlag, ISBN 9783856763633