Francesc Abad
Europa Arqueologia de Rescat (Europe Rescue Archeology)
Coordinated by Antoni Serra

Contributions by Miguel Morey, Antoni Serra, Paul Virilio, Jorge Wagensberg


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The work of Francesc Abad assumes, as a fundamental will, an introspection into the roots of culture. His concern for the genesis of human behavior and for anthropology thus points to the field of the “archeology of knowledge”.

Contemporary Art, Monograph
This monograph takes as a reference the work Europa, arqueología de rescat, a project developed from archaeological finds, in an area near Terrassa, which belong to a still unknown period of prehistory, in which pansexual rituals –as generators of a first worldview– provide key information on access to new materials, the measurement of time and the genesis of writing.
53 pages
Paperback, 24x30 cm
Catalan, Spanish, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 1989
ISBN 9788434314450