Movimientos de tierra
Pedro Donoso

Essay by Jens Andermann, Pedro Donoso, Valentina Montero, Bárbara Saavedra, Juan Carlos Skewes, Catalina Valdés


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The challenge posed by art in its encounter with natural landscape has evolved astonishingly in recent times. Our awareness of a persistent crisis that spreads like a thick stain between spaces and species is accompanied by a dark vision of the territories ravaged by the human productive machine that the capitalist system has made grow.

Contemporary Art
Earthworks takes up the exploration begun in the exhibition of the same name that raised a series of territorial experiences conveniently recorded and transferred to the National Museum of Fine Arts (Santiago). In this volume, explorations and drifts to remote and nearby locations are diversified. Like the journey of a naturalist in the digital age, the recovery of these marks and images allow us to guess a series of signs spread over deserts, mountains, forests and rivers, perhaps like a writing that conjures up, for a single moment, the abuses of our own predation. The book collects the projects of artists such as Julen Birke, Marcela Correa, Hamish Fulton, Alfredo Jaar, Cecilia Vicuña or Raúl Zurita; and collectives as Ciudad Abierta and Colectivo Impermanentes, among others.

Pedro Donoso is a chilean curator, writer and editor.


This is a bilingual edition

296 pages
Paperback, 25x23.5 cm
Spanish, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9788434314078