Conversations with Kiarostami
By Godfrey Cheshire

Foreword by Ahmad Kiarostami.
Introduction by Godfrey Cheshire


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Conversations with Kiarostami collects for the first time a far ranging series of interviews with the celebrated director Abbas Kiarostami by film critic, and Iranian cinema expert, Godfrey Cheshire.

Cinema / Photography, Theory / History / Criticism
Conducted in the 1990s, these in-depth conversations offer a film-by-film account of Kiarostami’s views of his artistic development from his first short “Bread and Alley” in 1970 to the 1999 feature The Wind Will Carry Us, covering his lesser known, and seldom written about, shorts from earlier in his career, along with the masterworks that made him world famous, such as the Koker Trilogy (Where Is the Friend’s House?, And Life Goes On, Through the Olive Trees), Close-Up and Taste of Cherry. The book includes a Foreword by Ahmad Kiarostami, the director’s son, as well as an introduction from Cheshire that contextualizes the interviews and discusses his relationship with the director.

Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) was an Iranian film director, screenwriter, poet, photographer, and film producer.

188 pages
Paperback, 12.7x19.5 cm
Woodville Press, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9780999468357