When Fact Is Fiction
Documentary Art in the Post-Truth Era
Edited by Nele Wynants

Contributors: Pascal Gielen and rea Gorki, Charlotte Lybeer, Sigrid Merx, Patrícia Portela, Jonas Rutgeerts, Nienke Scholts, Katharina Smets, Elly Van Eeghem, Peter Van Goethem, Stefan Vanthuyne, Ludovik Vermeersch, Nele Wynants


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What is the value of fiction at a time when fake news, alternative facts, and infotainment undermine the integrity of politics and media? This question is the common thread of When Fact Is Fiction. It brings together contributions by and about artists who probe the boundaries between fact and fiction. Observations about concepts such as truth, reality, fiction and post-truth within documentary art, to deepen discussions about truth and facts within contemporary media and politics.

Art, Theory / History / Criticism
The ambiguous relationship between the documentary and the imaginary has been investigated and questioned within the arts for decades. The artists discussed in this volume deliberately blur the boundaries between what is generally known as ‘fiction’ and as ‘reality’. They share a fascination with the same problem: the impossible challenge of representing reality. Their artistic re-interpretation of oral and archival sources often has an explicit critical potential to rewrite history, rethink our present time or imagine possible futures. A collection of contributions by and about artists about the role and construction of truth and fiction in their work. Illustrated with various black and white photographs.

Nele Wynants is a postdoctoral researcher in the fields of art and theatre at the Free University of Brussels-ULB and the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

224 pages
Paperback, 13.5x21 cm
Valiz, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9789492095718