Anu Vahtra: Untitled

Anu Vahtra


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Anu Vahtra’s artists’ book Untitled documents ten of her projects which by combining photography and large-scale spatial installation deal with space, awareness of space and its characteristics, the border between the second and the third dimension. Vahtra is interested in how a space, either physical or photographic, can be activated by a straightforward and simple gesture.

Artist's Book, Contemporary Art
The book is accompanied by three visual contributions by graphic designers Na Kim (KR), Mikk Heinsoo & Kaarel Nõmmik (Stuudio Stuudio, EE) and Jens Schildt & Matthias Kreutzer (Our Polite Society, SE/DE).

Anu Vahtra is an artist working in the photo- and installation medium, and who focuses on exhibition format and specifics of exhibition space, initiated by architectural characters, and a historical and contextual background.

Paperback, 23x32 cm
Lugemik, 1st edition 2017
ISBN 9789949960361