Two Films by Owen Land

Owen Lland

Edited by Mark Webber


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Two Films by Owen Land features the illustrated scripts to the films Wide Angle Saxon and On the Marriage Broker Joke, complete with detailed footnotes that untangle their elaborate web of references. Reaching far beyond the two films alluded to in the title, it also includes a new interview, annotated filmography and recent essays by the artist.

Cinema / Photography, Contemporary Art
'Two Films by Owen Land is much more than the texts of Wide Angle Saxon and On the Marriage Broker Joke, the two most complex films of Owen Land (aka George Landow). Mark Webber has scrupulously edited the first book on this major filmmaker, judiciously allowing Land's own words - his texts, his essays, hilarious annotations, and an interview - to reveal the depth and intensity of his engagement with cinema and other avant-garde film-makers. It is a very funny book: Land admits he has a been "converted more times than Uncle Ben's Rice," or speculated that Freud "would have bombed in Las Vegas" with the jokes in his book on Wit. The filmography alone constitutes a major contribution to the field.' (P. Adams Sitney, author of Visionary Film).
136 pages
Paperback, 10.8x17.5 cm
Lux, 1st edition 2005
ISBN 9780954856915