Jonas Mekas: Walden
Diaries, Notes and Sketches
Edited by Christian Lebrat & Pip Chodorov

Texts by David E. James and Jean-Jacques Lebel


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By following each cut in the film, this book is a systematic exploration of the shots, sequences, situations and characters included in the film Walden (1969) by Jonas Mekas.

Cinema / Photography, Theory / History / Criticism
In collaboration with Re:Voir, Paris Expérimental published, in 1997, The Walden Book, to accompany the release of a boxset of the homonymous film by Jonas Mekas. It is an annotation of each cut in the film, interspersed with a selection of the best texts by theorists, filmmakers and poets, mostly American or French, devoted to one of the most beautiful films in the world. A literally infinite book: to pick up at the point where the beginning reaches its end ...

This book accompanied the first European release of Walden on VHS published by Re:Voir Video, now available apart from the original boxset, which is now out of print.

146 pages
Paperback, 12x20.5 cm
Re:voir, 1st edition 2003
ISBN 9782912539533