The Space of Agonism

Markus Miessen, Chantal Mouffe

Edited by Nikolaus Hirsch, Markus Miessen
Featuring artwork and a text by Rabih Mroué


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The second volume in the Critical Spatial Practice series presents a selection of conversations between Markus Miessen and political philosopher Chantal Mouffe.

Popular Culture, Theory / History / Criticism
Taking place intermittently between December 2006 and October 2011, the dialogues attempt to unpack current dilemmas and popular mobilizations in terms of consensus-driven formats of political decision making. The conversations were alternately driven by Miessen’s specific concerns regarding his ongoing investigation into conflict-based forms of participation as an alternative (spatial) practice in democratic systems, and Mouffe’s understanding and theory of a “conflictual consensus.” Thinking in terms of agonism and “demoicracy”—a union that acknowledges the plurality and permanence of its different populations—the book proposes new approaches to countering and responding to the globalizing thrust of neoliberalism.

Markus Miessen is a German architect and writer. Miessen received his bachelor's degree from the Glasgow School of Art, continuing his studies at the Architectural Association in London and at the London Consortium.
Chantal Mouffe is a Belgian political theorist, formerly teaching at University of Westminster.


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148 pages, 23 illustrations
Paperback with jacket, 10.5x15 cm
Sternberg Press, 1st edition 2012
ISBN 9783943365412