The Sceptical Structures of Max

James Beckett


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The chipboard lies at the heart of James Beckett’s installation and book, ’The Sceptical Structures of Max.’ Invented by industry magnate Max Himmelheber (1904–2000) in the spirit of frugality and economy, the chipboard accounts for 80% of material in globally-produced furniture now.

Contemporary Architecture, Essay / Literature
Using chipboard salvaged from the streets of Amsterdam, the artist explores the relationship between industrial production and human behaviour. This books includes excerpts of Himmelheber’s writings from his quarterly journal ‘Scheidewege’ on unusual topics such as boy scouting, Shintoism, and environmentalism, as well as a conversation between Dirk van Weelden and the Zimbabwean-born artist.
120 pages
Paperback, 14.5x27 cm
Roma Publications, ISBN 9789464460285