Exhibition-ism: Temporal Togetherness
The Contemporary Condition Series
Mieke Bal


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In Exhibition-ism, theorist and artist Mieke Bal develops the idea that exhibiting is a significant form of the contemporary. In an exhibition, visitors are in the actual company of artworks that can perform.

Contemporary Art, Essay / Literature
This essay considers recent shows of Bal’s own video work, and is framed by observations on contemporary sculpture’s response to classics of the form. Looking at art as process, Bal makes the case that the being-together-in-time of an exhibition visit encourages and, if the curation is well thought-out, can heighten the sense of the contemporaneity—art being more capable of this than anything else.

Mieke Bal is a Dutch cultural theorist, video artist, and Professor Emerita in Literary Theory at the University of Amsterdam.

48 pages
Paperback, 12x19 cm
Sternberg Press, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9783956795725