Sigurd Lewerentz, Pure Aesthetics
St. Mark’s Church
Concept, photography, and introduction by Karin Björkquist and Sébastien Corbari.

With contributions by Stephen Bates, Maria Aron Berg, Petter Eklund, Hansjörg Göritz, Matthew Hall, and Beate Hølmebakk


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An atmospheric masterpiece of modern sacred architecture: St Mark’s Church in Björkhagen, one of Stockholm’s southern districts, is one of Sigurd Lewerentz’s (1885–1975) key designs. In contrast to Lewerentz’s other famous church, St Peter’s in Klippan, no book has been published to date that constitutes a fitting tribute to this masterpiece of brick brutalism. This new building monograph now opulently and carefully fills this gap.

Modern Architecture
Some 200 newly taken color photographs and especially drawn explanatory plans, alongside essays by distinguished authorities on Lewerentz’s arechitecture, make this book a visual feast. It demonstrates the exquisitely atmospheric St Mark’s Church as a whole and its embedment in the urban landscape. Moreover, it highlights many details, such as floor coverings, furnishings, lamps, banisters, the altar, and other liturgical features. The essays explore aspects of materiality and topics such as the church’s special acoustics and atmosphere in an attempt to reveal the secret of Sigurd Lewerentz’s church designs.

Karin Björkquist is a Stockholm-based photographer. Her work focuses mainly on interior architecture and portraits. Her photographs have been printed in books and magazines throughout the world.
Sébastien Corbari is an architect with AIX Arkitekter in Stockholm. He is a specialist in Scandinavian architecture, and also works as a photographer.

352 pages, 234 illustrations
Hardback, 20x27 cm
Park Books, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 9783038602439