Shared Cities Atlas

Edited by Helena Doudova

Contributions by Lorna Scott Fox, David MacDougall, Cuauhtémoc Medina.


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The Shared Cities Atlas applies the new, global “sharing paradigm” in architecture and public sphere to a site-specific situation in seven cities in Central Europe. Mapping current practices of sharing and new fields of action in case studies, it contextualizes the phenomenon in research papers, data, and photography.

Architecture, Landscape / Urbanism
The ideas of a ‘right to the city’, of common resources, or ‘the urban commons’ all of which are in vogue in contemporary architectural discourse illustrate the paradigm shift towards a sharing perspective. In ‘sharing cities’ the emphasis lies in the right to remake the cities as a form of urban social contract with a specific creative or critical agenda.
352 pages
Paperback, 24x17 cm
Nai010 Publishers, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9789462085213