Sara Gibert: Atzar Intim
(Intimate Random)
Sara Gibert


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Sara Gibert’s work can be linked to one of the main branches of body art, that of artists who are interested in the kinetic activity of the human being and who reflect on the social potential of the human body.

Artist's Book, Contemporary Art
In this subtle artist's book, Sara Gibert introduces random on the cover with the imprint of six faces of a dice. But, as we know, random is closely linked to play and this, in turn, to artistic practice, which in Sara Gibert has always had a bodily (intimate) dimension. By way of anthropometries, the impression of her body here adopts the shape of the clover, the diamond, the spades and other forms linked to random.
16 pages
Paperback, 22x32 cm
Metrònom, 1st edition 1981
ISBN 9788434314290