Philip Poppek: ‘Est pas une

Dominkus Müller, Miriam Stoney. Edited by Philip Poppek


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By way of archiving, digital translation and reproduction, Philip Poppek extracts from Magritte’s word paintings twenty-six letters; segmental symbols of a textual system form an alphabet of a, with a familiar apple punctuating a provisional end to the sequence.

Art, Essay / Literature
A poetic correspondence with the letter a speculates on the prehistory of this alphabet, as though searching for some indication as to how we may have come to where we are now, in this ‘post-factual moment’. Maybe at some point we fell into the foxes’ den, only to re-surface in a landscape of ruins. This book poses a number of necessary questions, perhaps beginning with: ‘Which feminine noun trails after the title script ‘est pas une? Pomme? Pipe? Histoire? Communauté?
88 pages
Paperback, 16x21.5 cm
Onomatopee, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9789493148338