Peter Zumthor Therme Vals

Edited by Peter Zumthor

Essays by Sigrid Hauser and Peter Zumthor.
Photographs by Hélène Binet.


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Peter Zumthor’s Therme Vals, the spa complex built into a Swiss Alp mountainside, became an icon of contemporary architecture soon after its opening in 1996. This volume is the only book-length study of the mountain spa, features the architect’s own original sketches and plans for its design as well as Hélène Binet’s striking photographs of the structure.

Contemporary Architecture, Monograph
Annotations by Zumthor elucidate Therme Vals’s symbiotic relationship to its natural surroundings, and an essay on such topics as Artemis/Diana, Baptism, and Spring by architectural scholar Sigrid Hauser, draw out the connections between the elemental nature of the spa and mythology, bathing, and purity. This lavishly illustrated volume about the spa that catapulted a remote Swiss village onto the international architecture scene will entrance all enthusiasts of contemporary design.

Peter Zumthor, born 1943, works with his Atelier of around 30 people in the alpine setting of Haldenstein, Switzerland, producing architectural originals like Kunsthaus Bregenz, Therme Vals, Museum Kolumba Köln or the Steilneset Memorial in Vardø.


3 color, sketches and plans, 30 photographs

192 pages, 33 illustrations
Hardback, 24x30 cm
Park Books, 1st edition 2011
ISBN 9783858817044