OASE #111
Staging the Museum
Edited by Aslı Çiçek, Jantje Engels, Maarten Liefooghe

Contributions by Maria Alvarez Garcia, Camille Bladt, Aslı Çiçek, Adria Daraban, Georgios Eftaxiopoulos, Tony Fretton, Matteo Ghidoni, Aurélie Hachez, Sandra Kisters, Maarten Liefooghe, among manny others.

Design by Karel Martens, Aagje Martens.


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Museums stage public encounters between visitors, objects and stories. This is not limited to a tour through the exhibition spaces, it starts already with monumental or ‘tresholdless’ entrances.

OASE #111 highlights historical and contemporary mechanisms and motifs of such staging.

Architecture, Magazine
This shifts the focus in the discussion about museum architecture, long centered around (iconic) exteriors and (good) exhibition spaces. Current museological developments concern the whole configuration between city – or landscape – and gallery. Storage depots become visible or open to visitors, revising the boundaries between front and backstage. Streamed events find a stage in a fixed auditorium, a forgotten corner, or on a temporary platform.

The essays in this issue of OASE speculate on the importance of the architectonic staging of museum visits and activities, as institutions rethink their roles within an accelerating event culture. The scenes of the museum are not examined on the typological level of the museum building, but in a walk along meaningful places.
144 pages
Paperback, 17x24 cm
Dutch, English
OASE, 1st edition 2022
ISBN 9789948344643