Mobile Theater
Architectural Counterculture on Satge
Edited by Fernando Quesada


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Taking as a starting point a design for a mobile theater made at the Architectural Association of London between 1970 and 1971 by Spanish architect Javier Navarro de Zuvillaga (born 1942), this book traces the architectural counterculture of that time and the relations with the alternative performing arts.

Architecture, Theory / History / Criticism
This book intends to release this project, largely ignored by canonical historiography, and to culturally place it in time and space: the agitated
city of London in 1971. After the convulsions of May 1968, architectural counterculture rearmed on very different fronts, from the disciplinary rally to the guerilla positions. This architectural design accounts for these events, since it had a temporal development that goes beyond its mere conception as an artifact. The long and frustrated process for construction —1969 to 1976— calls for a particular intra-history, which this books will tell. This book provides a rigorous historiography and a highly speculative theoretical account.

Fernando Quesada es arquitecto y profesor titular de Proyectos Arquitectónicos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Alcalá.

178 pages
Paperback, 16.5x22.75 cm
Actar, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 9781945150807